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About Jeroom

Jeroom foto

Jeroom Snelders (1977) is a Belgian comic artist who was still studying graphic design in 1998 when he started working for Humo, an influential Belgian magazine. His cartoons were also published in several international magazines such as Maxim, Strapazin and Mojo.

He won the Belgian Press Cartoon in 2002 and published 6 comic books.


The internet and social media have opened up his work to new audiences throughout the world. This led to an ever increasing flock of Facebook-followers and high ratings on sites such as Reddit and 9gag.  Some of his cartoons also grew to become the raw material for heavily used memes (e.g. ‘Blaze it faggot’, ‘Open the gate’). In 2015 Comedy Central USA animated Jeroom comics for a show named ‘TripTank’, which was featured on the Comedy Central channels worldwide. gave a pretty accurate description of his work:

The often absurd comic strips use what look like vintage photographs from the 1950s, or classical paintings, or feature loveable Disney-esque figures doing outrageous stuff or saying inappropriate things.

It makes for hilarious juxtapositions which perfectly play against our expectations.

The humor is often black or weird, but their delivery just makes them very, very funny. If you have the ability to laugh, you will find them amusing.

He’s been making the cartoons since 1998 so has had plenty of time to master his art and he very much is a master of the form. Think of him as a Da Vinci of the LOLZ.


Jeroom lives and works in the outskirts of Brussels and is engaged to athlete and Olympic gold medalist Elodie Ouedraogo. They have one baby son.